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19 Jan 2009



Name: Alexander Khain
Born: 1946, Moscow, USSR, January 6, 1946
Status: Married plus three children
Office: The Institute of the Earth Science,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 91904, Givat Ram, Israel
Telephone: 972-2-6585822, Fax: 972-2-5662581,
Home: 97795, Izhak Tunik, 5/1, Jerusalem, Israel;
Telephone: 972-2-6560145 , cellular: 0547-883481 


Ph.D., Geophysics, Institute of Experimental Meteorology, Obninsk, USSR, 1972-1974
Thesis Research: "Some problems of cellular convection in the turbulent atmosphere".
Advisor: Professor, the Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences V. I. Ivanov.

M.Sc., Electronics, Theoretical Physics, Cum laude 1968-1970
The Moscow University of Electronics;
Thesis Research: Utilization of lasers in the atmosphere measurements.
Advisor: Prof. A. Tarasov.

B.Sc. Electronics, Theoretical Physics, 1964-1967
The Moscow University of Electronics,  


 Full Professor since 2001 to present
The Institute of Earth Sciences, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Associate Professor, permanent position, 1996-2001
The Institute of Earth Sciences, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Associate Professor, 1991-1996
The Institute of Earth Sciences, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Senior scientific researcher, Chief of a scientific group 1986-1990
The Scientific Hydrometeorological Center, Moscow, the USSR

Scientific researcher, 1974-1986
The Scientific Hydrometeorological Center, Moscow, the USSR

Scientific researcher, 1970-1972
The Moscow Instrument Development Research Institute


  • Numerical modeling of atmospheric processes;
  • Cloud dynamics and microphysics;
  • Cloud-aerosol interactions;
  • Motion and interaction of inertial particles in a turbulent flow;
  • Tropical cyclones and their interaction with the ocean, binary tropical cyclones;
  • Atmospheric boundary layer, cellular convection;
  • Breezes, coastal circulation.

The American Meteorological Society
The Israel Meteorological Society
The Israel Aerosol Association
The Israel Physical Society


Guastella Foundation (1991-1994)
Permanent position of the Associate Professor (1995)
Included in Who's Who in the World, 16th Edition (1998)
Included in Who's Who in America, Science and Engineering, 5th Edition (1999)


A guest Editor of Atmospheric Research.
A member of the Editor Board of Atmospheric Research .


Reviewer of the following scientific journals:
Atmospheric Research, Meteorology and Hydrology, Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics,
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, Monthly Weather Review, Journal of the Aerosol Sciences, Journal of Engineering Mathematics, Atmosphere and Ocean, Geophysical Research Letters, Journal of Geophysical Research, Journal of Climate, Science




Tzvika Slovin, graduated cum laude (1993)
Topic: Numerical simulation of long-lasting convective clouds

Avner Furshpan, graduated cum laude (1997)
Topic: Effects of topography on the coastal circulation
in the Eastern Mediterranean

Nir Benmoshe, graduate with mark 96 (2006)
Topic: microphysical processes in polluted clouds.

Leehi Magaritz graduated with the mark 98(2008):

Topic: mechanisms formation of drizzle in sratiform clouds


Naftali Cohen (since 2006-2008).

Topic: Effects of aerosols on lightning and intensity of tropical cyclones, graduated with the mark 95 (2008)


E. A. Agrenich (1988).
Topic: Evolution of tropical cyclones - numerical modeling

M.A. Yarmolinskaya (1990).
Topic: Interaction of convection and a background flow
in the atmospheric boundary layer

Igor L. Sednev (1997).
Topic: Simulation of precipitation formation
in the Eastern Mediterranean coastal zone using
a spectral microphysics cloud ensemble model

Adit Arazi (together with Prof. Sharon, A. Huss, I. Marer) (2000).
Topic: Effect of small-scale topography on the precipitation distribution

Mitia Frumin (2003).
Topic: Investigation of interaction and motion of binary tropical cyclones

Yaron Segal (2004).
Topic: Formation of droplet size spectrum in clouds
and the effects of seeding on cloud microstructure.

Boris Grits (graduated at 2006).

Topic: Formation of fine structure in turbulent clouds and its effect on the droplet size spectrum and precipitation.

Nir BenMoshe (since 2007).

Topic: Effects of turbulence of cloud microstructure.


Leehi Magaritz (since 2008).

Topic: Ice proccess in stratocumulus clouds.


Dr. Mark Pinsky, Senior Scientific Researcher                                                                     

Topic: Theoretical microphysics, turbulent effects on cloud microphysical processes.

Scientific Researcher Dr. A. Pokrovsky
Topic: Development of spectral-microphysics cloud models.

Scientific Researcher Dr. B. Lynn (started 2000).
Topic: Effects of cloud-aerosol interaction on precipitation formation in cumulus clouds using a mesoscale, spectral (bin)-microphysics cloud model.

Postgraduate fellow Dr. Elena Morozovsky (2001- 2004).             

Topic: Effects of cellular convection on the structure of hurricanes.

Postgraduate fellow Dr. V. Archipov (2002-2004).
Topic: Effects of droplet charge on drop growth by collisions, on precipitation formation in clouds and on increase in visibility in fogs.

Dr. Yaron Segal Postgraduate fellow (from 2004 -2007).

Topic: effects of aerosols on cloud microphysics


  1. Dynamics of the Atmosphere (The Hebrew University, 82302)

  2. Tropical Meteorology (The Hebrew University, 82515)

  3. Physics of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer (The Hebrew University, 82510)

  4. Physical Processes in Atmospheric Numerical Models (The Hebrew University, 82813)

  5. Natural Hazards (The Hebrew University, 89515)

  6. Seminar in Atmospheric Sciences for graduate students (The Hebrew University, 82830)



Membership in Organizing and Award Committees of

  1. Tenth Annual Meeting of Israeli Association for Aerosol Research, 1996

  2. International Workshop on Trends and Advances in numerical modeling of clouds and precipitation (together with Tel-Aviv University), Israel, Nov. 1997

  3. First Israel-Germany Bi-National Workshop: Trends in Aerosol Research: Atmospheric and Industrial Aerosols, Israel, June, 1998

  4. 14-th Annual Meeting of Israeli Association for Aerosol Research, 2000

  5. The membership in the Junge Award Committee, 1999 - present.

  6. 15-th Annual Meeting of Israeli Association for Aerosol Research, 2001


The Israel Institute of Technology -Technion, the Tel-Aviv University, the Ben-Gurion University of Negev, Weizman Institute (Israel), the Princeton University, the Massachusetts Technological Institute, NASA, NCEP, Florida State University, University of Oklahoma, the Rhode Island University, Geophysical Fluid Dynamic Laboratory, Research Hurricane Center (Florida), Stockholm University, University of Uppsala, the University of Mainz, The Max Plank Institute (Hamburg), University of Tokyo, Manchester University (MIST), Pacific North-West Laboratory (PNNL), etc.


1. Binational US-Israel Science Foundation, Influence of tropical cyclone-ocean interaction on the evolution and motion of tropical cyclones (1992-1995).

2. The Israel Ministry of Science, Simulation of cloud development and transport of aerosols and pollutants (1993-1996).

3. The Israel Science Foundation, Investigation of processes of rain formation in convective clouds using multi-dimensional numerical models (1994-1997).        

4. The Israel Ministry of Sciences, Investigation of Cloud-radiation interaction using a cloud ensemble model (1995-1998).

5. Binational US-Israel Science Foundation, Numerical Investigation of Binary Tropical Cyclones and Their Interaction with the Ocean (1996-1999).

6. The German-Israel Foundation for Scientific Research and Development (GIF), Turbulence Effects on the Microphysical Processes in Clouds and on the Wet Scavenging of pollutants (1997-2000).

7. The Ring Family Foundation, Investigation of transport of aerosol and gaseous pollutants (1997-1998).

8. The Israel Ministry of Science, Investigation of the coupling of microphysical and radiational properties in a cloud ensemble model (1997-2000).  

9. The Science Foundation, Motion and interaction of inertial particles in the turbulent flow (1998-2000).        

10. Ministry of Science (MOS) and Bundesministerium fr Bildung, Wissenschaft, Forschung und Technologie (BMBF), Additional Water by Means of Cloud Seeding (2000-2002).

11. The Science Foundation, Turbulence effects on drop collisions and droplet size spectrum broadening (1999-2003).

12. The Shonbrunn Research endowment Fund, Effect of ice crystals and droplets' collection by porous snowflakes on precipitation formation in mixed-phase turbulent clouds (2001).

13. Binational US-Israel Science Foundation, Investigation of precipitation simulation in a mesoscale model (MM5) using spectral(bin) microphysics (2001-2004). 

14. Horowich Fund, Seeding of charged small particles with the purpose of rain enhancement, fog elimination and pollutant scavenging (2002-2003).

15. EC research project European Satellite Rainfall Analysis and Monitoring at the Geostationary Scale, Development of generic Earth observation technologies (2002-2004).

16. The EC research project Smoke, Aerosols, Clouds, Rainfall, and Climate (SMOGG), (2002-2004).

17. Scientific projects of NASA (the Goddard Space Flight Center) and the Center for Climate System Research, University of Tokyo (2002-2004).

18. The Israel Ministry of Science and Bundesministerium fr Bildung, Wissenschaft, Forschung und Technologie (BMBF), Determination of conditions for enhancing and redistributing precipitation by natural and anthropogenic seeding (2004-2006).

19. Herman-Shapiro fund (2005).

20. European Project “Anthropogenic Aerosols Triggering and Invigorating Severe Storms (ANTISTORM)” (2005-2007).

21. The Ministry of Science, Investigation of aerosols effects on precipitation in (2004-2006).

22. The Israel Water Company, Investigation of optimal methods of rain enhancement (2005-2007).

23. The Israel Science Foundation, Aerosol effects of genesis and decay of hurricanes, (2007-2011).

24. BSF, Inverstigation of microphysical processes in clouds using polarimetic radar measurments coupled with detailed microphysics cloud model (2007-2011).

Khain Alexander
Curriculum Vitae


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