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(December 2012)


Two edited volumes, 110 peer-reviewed manuscript in journals and monographs, 6 reviewed book chapters, and >30 non peer-reviewed manuscripts, meeting proceeding manuscripts, fieldtrip guidebook chapters. Not shown are >330 conference abstracts.

Ph.D. Dissertation

Hydrology of a large closed arid watershed as a basis for paleohydrological and paleoclimatological studies in the Mojave River drainage system, Southern California. University of New Mexico, 316 p., 1990.


Edited Peer-reviewed Volumes

**Enzel, Y., Wells, S.G., and Lancaster, N., eds., 2003, Paleoenvironments and Paleohydrology of the Mojave and Southern Great Basin Deserts. Geological Society of America Special Paper 368, 260 p.

**Enzel, Y. Agnon, and M. Stein, eds., 2006, New Frontiers in Dead Sea Paleoenvironmental Research. Geological Society of America Special Paper 401. 261 p.


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* = Publication by a graduate student.

** = Major contribution.

= =Equal contribution.

+ = Minor contribution. 


* - Publication by a graduate student.


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